Alice Walton began her journey to success and fame with a company called First Commerce Corporation. She worked there for years, as an equity analyst and money manager. Soon she earned reputation for her sincerity and achieved the position, head of the investment activities at Arvest Bank Group. She also worked for American stock brokerage company EF Hutton. After gathering much experience, she founded her own investment bank Lalma Company in 1988. She herself was the president, chairman and CEO for the company.

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Besides the company she founded, Alice took part in various activities including social works, women empowerment campaign and many more things. She was the first chairperson of Northwest Arkansas Council. Being the chairperson, she did wonders for Arkansas what nobody could even dream. She prioritized the development of Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport, the main airport for Arkansas State. Her contribution modernized the airport. She provided a $15 million initial fund, followed by an $80 million bond from her company Lalma. Arkansas aviation authority didn’t forget to recognize her contribution, as they name the terminal, Alice L Walton Terminal Building. They also inducted Alice to the Arkansas Aviation Hall of Fame.

Though, everything was fine with the Lalma Company, Alice Walton closed it in 1998. She gradually turned herself to art leaving out banking and capital investment business. She was an art lover from an early age. She bought her first ever piece of art, Pablo Picasso’s Blue Nude, at the age of 10 only. She was already a good artist by then, making excellent watercolor paintings of nature.

Alice never forgot her early love. Though she started her career in a different way, art was her destiny. And she returned to her destiny gracefully during the 2000s, when she founded the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art at Bentoville, Arkansas. The spectacular museum was designed by Moshe Safdie, opened on November, 2011. Alice dedicated this museum to all the American artists and their arts.

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Earlier in 2005, Alice purchased American artist Asher Brown Durand’s world famous painting Kindred Spirits for $35 million. Many criticized her for this, as the painting wasn’t worth of that huge amount according to them. But criticism didn’t matter at all for her, as she kept on buying indigenous artworks irrespective of their price. Another remarkable purchase was ‘Roise the Riveter’ for $4.9 million, a famous artwork by Norman Rockwell. Additionally, she bought works by Johnson Head, Stuart Davis, George Bellow, Tom Wesselmann, Marsden Hartley and many more legendary American artists.

Alice Walton is very disciplined and well-regulated in her business career. But, she used to lead a whimsical personal life back in 80s, when she just began to gain fortunes. Buying brand new cars was kind of hobby to her. However, driving those cars by self was an obsession for her. She involved in multiple car accidents due to speedy driving. One of the incidents killed a poor elderly woman of 50. No case being filed for that unexpected incident, she never gave up driving and mishaps continued to occur. She was booked by police several times for suspected drunk driving.

Alice Louise Walton was born to Wal-Mart’s founder Sam Walton and Helen Walton on 7th October, 1949. She grew up in her birthplace, Arkansas along with her three brothers. During her childhood, her family was a middle-class one, as the Business giant Wal-Mart was still to be founded by her father. She finished her primary and secondary education from local schools and obtained a degree in finance from Trinity University. She married twice, both during 1970s. None of the two marriages lasted more than 2 years. Since then, she remains widow with no children.

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With personal collection of artwork worth hundreds of millions of dollars and net worth of more than $49 billion, thanks to the $11 billion inherited share from Wal-Mart, she is currently the 17th richest human alive in on earth. She leads a lavish life full of grandeur and extravagance. She doesn’t think twice to spend for a thing that interests her. Apart from brand new cars, she owns several houses, each of them worth millions. She also loves horse racing and owns 2 ranches with combined value of $68 million. She is often condemned for her reckless lifestyle and criticized for getting out of situations using her wealth, including that car accident which killed a woman. But, Alice Walton seldom pays heed to the critiques. She does, what her mind says her to do.


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