The famous Russian business magnet and philanthropist Andrey Melnichenko is the biggest beneficiary of fertilizer giant EuroChem and coal energy producer SUEK. He owns many other businesses in Russia and abroad to add up to his earning. He has been generous throughout his career and has earned fame for his philanthropy works. He is currently the 90th richest businessman in the world with net worth of $13.6 billion.

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Andrey Melnichenko is by birth a Belorussian as he was born in Gomel, Belarus, on 8th March, 1972. His family moved to Russia when he was a child. He grew up there with Russian nationality. Completing the elementary education in local schools, he enrolled himself in the Moscow State University to study physics. But, within a year he transferred credits to the Plekhanov University and started to study finance there.

After the completion of higher education, Melnichenko started his career as a currency exchange operator in Moscow. Soon he changed he progressed through the ladders of promotion and claimed good position in banking and financial service. These endeavors were only to gather experience to start on own.

Melnichenko Co-founded a bank name MDM in the year 1992 with some of the rich businessmen at that time. He served as the chairman of the management board of the bank for 5 years straight and earned fame for his business visionaries and hard-working mentality. In 1997, other partners of the bank sold their individual shares to Melnichenko and he became the sole owner of the bank. This was even more encouraging for him as he could now take decisions on his own. Within 2001, the bank became the largest private commercial bank in Russia under his worthy leadership.

At this point, Melnichenko rightly took the decision to expand his business and founded the MDM Group from the bank. Using this group, he founded one of the most successful coal energy companies in the world, the SUEK (Siberian Coal Energy Company). He also engineered the foundation of mineral, chemical and fertilizer producer EuroChem. Besides these two successful ventures, Melnichenko also invested in steel industry. He co-founded the steel pipe producer TMK Pipe and Metallurgic Company which became one of the biggest pipe manufacturers in Russia within years, under his guidance.

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In between 2004 and 2007, Melnichenko sold all of his shares of the MDM bank to his friend Sergei Popov. Many got surprised at this move as the bank brought him enormous fortunes. But, Melnichenko was well aware of what he was doing. He sold the company to concentrate totally on two of his fast growing businesses SUEK and EuroChem. In the meantime, he also founded Siberian Generating Company (SGC).

Why Melnichenko sold his shares of profitable MDM bank was finally cleared in 2011, when gained majority of the shares of SUEK and EuroChem. He became the chairman of both the companies and took the full control. Currently, he is serving as the chairman and president of both the companies.

Melnichenko’s fame as a successful entrepreneur brought him many important roles to play. He has been an influential member of the board of director at Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs since 2007. He is currently serving as the chairman of Russian Mining Commission as well.

Melnichenko has been a generous philanthropist since the beginning of his career. He founded the Melnichenko Foundation to help the talented but helpless children in pursuing education. He also created an educational and research network throughout Russia for the students to participate and gain knowledge. He donated $500 million on social charitable works which brought him recognition as Russian Leader in Leaders in Corporate Philanthropy.

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Andrey Melnichenk tied knot with the former pop singer Aleksandra Melnichenko in 2005. Their marriage ceremony was a gorgeous one with full of grandiose which took place in Paris, France. The couple has 2 children together. He is known for his lavish lifestyle and extravagant possessions. He has bought 2 large and luxurious yachts to enjoy the vacations with family. He also owns a boeing jet. He also owns several costly villas and resident homes in Russia and Europe. He is also an admirer of arts and paintings as he bought several classic paintings for high cost.


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