The founder of globally popular art gallery Garage Dasha Alexandrovna Zhukova, the famous Russian business magnet, fashion designer and art collector was born in a Rich Russian family in Moscow, Russia, on 8th June, 1981. Her father Alexander was an oil businessman and her mother Yelena was a scientist.

Though she grew up in luxury and abundance, her early childhood didn’t go well as her parents couldn’t give her enough time. Moreover, they used to quarrel often which had bad impression on Dasha’s mind. To protect her daughter from mental trauma, Yelena divorced with Alexander when Dasha was a child of 3 only. After sometimes, she left Russia and moved to America to bring up her daughter in more liberal social structure.

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After spending a few months in Houston, Dasha and her mother moved to Los Angeles where Dasha began her institutional education in Jewish school. She became very much fashion concerned from this time and was keen on following newer fashion trends. She went to California University to study literature but didn’t like it there. Later, she went to Naturopathic medicine in London. New institution too became boring to her within months and she dropped out of the university to concentrate to her passion, fashion designing.

At the beginning of her career, Dasha faced a setback from her boyfriend tennis star Marat Safin. The breakup between the two made Dasha depressed and she moved back to Russia again. There she met the famous Russian businessman Roman Abramovich who inspired her to star career on fashion designing. Being revived again, Dasha started her own startup Nova & T with her friend Christian Tang.

The company primarily produced design for leggings, jeans and t-shirts. Dasha’s innovative ideas and designs soon grabbed attention of the young generation and celebrities in Russia and Europe and the fashion house became popular.

When Nova & T became stable, Dasha focused on art. Though she never learned to paint, she grew intense love for painting and art collection. She founded a non-profit organization to support the struggling artists named Iris. In the year 2008, she began her most successful venture Garage, a center for preserving art and culture based on Moscow, Russia. Within a year of foundation, Garage became popular globally.

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The year 2008 was memorable for Dasha for more reasons. She was named as the best dressed celebrity in Vogue Magazine which brought her international fame and cemented her position as a Global fashion icon. This also prompted the famous British fashion magazine Pop to offer her honorable ‘Editor in Chief’ position of the magazine. Dasha gladly accepted the offer and took the responsibility of the magazine. But, after a few months, she resigned for some personal issues with the magazine.

Dasha was immensely frustrated due to the resignation issue as she loved the job. Out of frustration and a bit of insistence, she announced her own magazine in 2011 named after her art gallery, Garage. The magazine focused on new trends of fashion and culture. The magazine attracted immense media focus even before being published. It took only a few months to gain popularity for the magazine as it enjoyed the brand name Dasha on its cover.

Dasha also managed to create a search engine on her own named She did it to begin an art movement globally. She is currently serving as the creative director of New Holland Islands in St. Petersburg, an 8 acres island dedicated to arts and culture. She is planning to make it a global hub for the art lovers and artists. She also co-founded a New York based cultural organization Culture Shed.

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Dasha Zhukova dated tennis star Marat Safin while in university and she planned to marry him. But, things didn’t go well as the two broke up which left Dasha frustrated. Later, she met Russian business magnet Roman Abramovich and began a relation. They married secretly in 2008. They are now parents of 2 children. The couple attracted immense media exposure as Abramovich is close to Russian president Putin whereas Dasha is close to the American president Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump. However, Dasha doesn’t pay heed to media speculation and keeps leading her lavish life throwing parties every weekend.


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