Indian beverage industry wasn’t that big back in 1980s. It’s not that people didn’t like cold drinks back then. It’s because, there weren’t much visionary peoples in the industry, who could expand it. That was the time when Parle Agro came, a beverage company that was formed after Parle Products’ split. Coincidentally, Nadia Chauhan was born to the founding chair of Parle Agro, Prakash Chauhan around that time. Perhaps, this was the indication that Nadia was destined to lead Parle one day!

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So, the 80s was significant for Indian beverage industry for 2 births. One, the birth of Parle Agro, and the other is that of Nadia Chauhan. None of them knew that they’d converge together one day to do wonders. Nadia is now the Managing Director and Chief Marketing Officer of Parle Agro, a company with net worth of more than Rs5000 crore! She herself is enlisted in the tomorrow’s tycoon list by Forbes.

Early age and beginning

Nadia Chauhan was in California on 1986. Though her birth took place in U.S.A, she was brought up in India, in the city of Mumbai. As the daughter of the chair, she grew up in a family environment full of business activities. From very early age, she used to take part in business related discussion between her parents and express her ‘expert’ opinion as well!

Nadia learnt many complex aspects of business at her childhood. She was always encouraged to learn things related to business. She completed her higher education in commerce as well. She ran her own venture at the age of 11 only! Her startup was named ‘Just Divine’ and she use to sell her product going door-to-door in the neighborhood. Her father Prakash could clearly see a future leader and entrepreneur was in the making.

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Nadia joined Parle in 2003. Not because of being the daughter of the chair, but, for her sheer intelligence in business let her sit on high position in the company. Soon she started to pour her ideas to expand the company. Her sole target was to transform the company from single-brand to multi-brand. By 2009, she launched 4 brand new beverage products LMN, Grappo-Fizz, Hippo and Appy. Needless to say, each of her new launched products took the market by storm and she became very influential within the company. Soon she took the responsibility of Managing director and Chief Marketing Officer grabbing the opportunity to provide the company with more of her service.

Values and Principles

“When my father inducted me and my sisters into the business, the key thing he did was to define each of our responsibilities based on our passion, skill, strength and ability to contribute to the business. It made it so easy for us to settle down in our roles.” – Nadia told reminiscing the days when she joined

For Nadia, it’s not all about business and profit. It’s about something more precious which she termed as Value. She acquired some indestructible values from her father that she believes to be the real reason behind her success. The business principles set by her father for the company remains at the core of the company. Those principles are unbreakable, so are the well-defined family values that keep her going forward.

Leading form the front

For almost a decade, Nadia has been the topmost name for Parle Agro when it comes to Marketing policy of the company. She leads from the front in this sector with her enormous stock of innovative ideas. In this regard she said, “We want to bring to the market things that the Indian consumer has not experienced earlier. It has to be new and innovative and not be a ‘me too’ product.” Such is her thoughts that, she is always ready to go an extra leg and take additional risk, leaving out the easiest way to go up, only for uniqueness. These attributes make her a natural leader. Being one of the most empowered women in India, she also dreams to be an inspiration for Indian women for self-empowerment.

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Nadia got married to Vaibhav Bhargava and the couple has two children Kia and Nia. She lives in Maharashtra with her family. Being a business person never kept her from being an ideal mother as well. She has been the same diligent and hard-working person as she was in her youth. Still she wakes up at 6 am in the morning and goes on working till late at the night, looking after both family and business properly. And where does she find such inexhaustible energy? It’s determination she says.


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