Who doesn’t know the name of founder of Facebook, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg? Total number of Facebook users worldwide is almost touching the 2.5 billion mark. All those users know about a phenomenal person who dropped out of school and became a billionaire. Many seek inspiration and courage in this statement that a school dropout can shine in life.

But, not many know the magnitude of determination and hard work that brought him out of school to chase his dreams. With that kind of determination and courage, anybody from anywhere in the world can shine.

Mark Zuckerberg; Image Source: hollywoodreporter.com

Mark Elliot Zuckerberg was born to Edward and Karen Zuckerberg in White Plains, New York, on 14th May, 1984. He was the only son of the four children of his parents. Born in a higher middle-class family, Mark didn’t have to face any financial difficulties during childhood.

Mark was a great student from childhood and became the favorite student of his teachers in all the schools he attended. Besides academic education, he excelled in all kind of extra-curricular activities. He won several prizes from many science fairs he joined. He learned French, Hebrew, Latin, Greek and joined summer camps every summer.

Mark’s curiosity for gadgets brought him a computer in an early age. He learned basic programming from his father. Even when he was a schoolboy, he didn’t waste time at all and utilized his spare times in programming. His first program’s name was Zucknet. By the time he joined Harvard, he had gained significant fame for being a skilled programmer.

He was pursuing degree in psychology and computer science from Harvard. During this time, he developed an app called Facemash, which allowed the users to pick from numerous photos of their familiar persons. But, due to some technical issues, Facemash had to be shut down and Mark made a public apology.

On 4th February, 2004, Mark launched his new website named TheFacebook, which was primarily confined to the Harvard students only. After the launch, he continuously felt urge to develop many aspects of the website and add features. He needed to give more time to it. So he left Harvard and relocated in Silicon Valley with some of his friends. They rented a house in Palo Alto which later turned into their office.

The young Mark in his old office in Palo Alto; Image Source: hollywoodreporter.com

TheFacebook soon became only Facebook and began to gain popularity by leaps and bounds, as Mark opened it for public. The then giant tech corporations could clearly see the glaring future of Facebook as they tried to buy out the immerging company countless times.

But, Mark had a vision and he rejected each and every lucrative offers. By the year 2005, Facebook garnered several big corporations and investors to invest heavily on Facebook. Things began to run in full swing as the office of Facebook was moved to an actual office in Silicon Valley from a house.

While Facebook was growing bigger fast, Mark’s ideas made it become a giant soon. In May 2007, Mark developed a third party Facebook application to make the usage easier. This led to humongous success as Facebook had earned 500 million users worldwide by the year 2010. The version of Facebook we use today also came that year.

Fcebook headquarters; Image Source: businessinsider.com

2012 was the golden year of Facebook as it took only 2 years to reach the 1 billion mark from 500 million. Facebook had already become a global giant and one of the most used websites. Another photo and video sharing website named Instagram was gaining popularity at the time and Mark acquired it! He also acquired the mobile messaging app WhatsApp in 2014. By the year 2017, Facebook had crossed the mark of 2 billion users, making it one of the most valuable and most used websites in the world.

Mark’s religious values have seen some interesting turns. He grew up as a devoted Jewish and later became an atheist. But, he regained is belief and now he considers religion to be a basic part of life. He doesn’t like to involve himself in any kind of political activities. He is a great donor and has donated millions for education, immigration reforms, science and technology research etc. He also donated for research on solving Ebola crisis. He intends to donate 99% of his Facebook share during his lifetime.

Mark with his wife Priscilla; Image Source: youtube.com

Mark met his love of life Priscilla Chan at Harvard. They continued their love affairs for long 10 years before tying the knot in 2012. Together they have 2 daughters. Mark earned several honors and accolades for his visionary. He received an honorary degree from Harvard, where he couldn’t complete his education. He was also named as the Person of the Year 2010 by Time Magazine. At present, Mark is the 8th richest man in the world with a net worth of $74.9 billion.


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